Monday, January 30, 2012

Owl Together Now!

Hoot Hoot Hello lovely visitors! Aren't felt stuffies just as cute as a button? Lately they have been my most favorite thing to craft. I felt like showcasing the first 3 that I made, but since this photograph I have made 6 in total. All of these large sized woodland owls are uniquely named in correspondence with their color! Some are for sale on my Etsy and even more will be available soon! Currently Violet, Melvin Mint, and Bluebell are all looking for good homes! They are great handmade companions to a person of any age, and great gifts for that special someone in your life whether it be for family/friends/ or even baby showers! These critters have felt bodies & noses, fabric patterned tummies & eyelids and adorable Button eyes! Whooooo doesn't love an Owl!?

P.s. keep your eyes peeled! coming soon: Rosie Rasberry the Woodland Owl and Penny Pattern the Funky Woodland Owl


  1. OWLS! They look great! I actually need to buy one from you...

  2. Aww thankyou Mr. DJ!! What colors should I make next? I have made: mint green, violet/purple, blue, light blue, rasberry/pink