Saturday, March 3, 2012

ModSquad Delight!

Hello all! I've just begun my spring break from classes and have spent most of my time crafting, sewing, photographing, thrifting, making displays around my home, and participating in wonderful conversations on the ModSquad group through ModCloth. I'm a Style Ambassador for 2012 and so far I have found it to be such a welcoming, warm environment. Included in this post is a photo of my most recent bathroom display, the room itself is oh so teeny and by filling it with some of my most favorite knick-knacks I have made myself want to go in there so much more than I ever used to! Included in this display are: Vintage Squirrel Nut container, Vintage Deer bookends, Vintage Golden Deer figurine (which I find to be superb for holding rings), my favorite moustache mug, The Moustache Grower's Guide from ModCloth's website, a wooden red fox figurine next to 2 vintage aqua blue cups, bunches of retro patterned Journals from Michaels Craft Store, and a vintage book of the "World's Most Loved Poems" <3 What do you think of this Display?


  1. love it, the vintage eclectic vibe is amazing here. The fox and deers are my favs :) lovely work hun!:D