Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Instamatic Vintage Life

©Copyright Ruby Wallau Photography
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Last night I had the pleasure of participating in a glowy woodland photoshoot at dusk. My love, Patterson and I modeled, but all of the credit really goes to one amazing photographer named Ruby Wallau. Her work never ceases to fully amaze and captivate the eye of all who view it. Not only is she talented but so darn cute too- always looking incredibly stylish! She thinks of stunning locations and sets up unique powerful compositions in an instant. She makes you feel comfortable and at ease always offering positive things to say. All I had to do was bring my Vintage 1960s bike along for the ride and Ruby did the rest! We're actually on location in a field area on the campus of one of my hometown's little Colleges! This campus has so many breath-taking spots to admire and is such a lovely place to stop and think in passing or even have a picnic. I didn't attend this college myself- but if you're looking for a good school with credentials that is small, woodsy and beautiful this might be what you've been seeking! Or if you're just looking for a photographer that will blow the rest out of the water- Ruby Wallau is your gal!

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mad Men Yourself

The 1960s are by far my favorite decade/time period. I love wearing sundresses and looking fancy- and who doesn't love a man in a suit? Mad Men is a terrific series based in the 1960s and focuses on the lives of men who work on Madison Avenue, as well as their wives at home. Recently MadMen season 5 started on AMC and plays on Sunday nights at 10pm. Seasons 1 through 4 are available on Netflix instant-watch which is incredibly convenient. I highly suggest catching up before diving in- it's just the greatest show! I found a marvelous little website where you can "Mad Men Yourself"-one of the best ways to procrastinate! I made my boyfriend and I as 1960s characters and assembled this delightful photo!

The site takes a while to load at first, but it's worth it! Make your character here: madmenyourself.com

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kimya Dawson!

My dreams are about to come true- I am seeing KIMYA DAWSON live at the DAAC tonight!
I have been a fan of her work and music for YEARS now and little does she know, but she is the entire reason I know how to play the guitar or any other musical instrument! Due to her simple chord progressions and extremely deep amazing lyrical talents I fell in love with her music almost instantaneously. That's right, Kimya, you have no idea but you taught me everything I know about plucking strings and singing however the hell I want to without giving a damn about what anyone else thinks about my voice and way of singing! This woman is such an inspiration in so many ways. In highschool I had this thing happen where EVERYONE started calling me 'JUNO' after the film, or "little movie that could" came out in 2007. Due to my previous wearing of oversized plaid shirts, ironic T's, converse sneakers and jeans for years I was basically asking for it to happen- although when the nicknaming began I hadn't even seen the movie, I'd say this like "Thanks Guys" and then on the side turn to my friends and be like "Wow, I really need to get out to the cinema and actually see this film!". I was not pregnant- but definitely flattered! And it ended up being one of my favorite movies of all time. To my surprise Kimya Dawson wrote or performed well over half of the songs on the soundtrack and at the end the main characters sing one of her Moldy Peaches songs!!For years I played covers of Kimya's Songs at open mic nights all over the city, event venues like ArtPrize, and all over the streets- I'd just go for walks with my guitar, for HOURS and play until my fingers were stiff, numb, cold, and sore as can be! I guess the best thing about Kimya Dawson is how independent and strong she is- she doesn't give a crap about what other people think about her but always wants to make sure her fans have a very personal experience. I'm turning 20 this summer and Kimya, thank you, you're the entire reason I survived my adolescent life!
My thanks go out to Yasmin L -a complete stranger who was awesome enough to inform me that she had an extra ticket and even delivered it to me in exchange for $10 (so rad!). She said "I'm here to make your dreams come true" -You sure did!
*If you don't know who KIMYA DAWSON is. . . INFORM YOURSELF! :) or Wiki her!
*For Kimya's extremely interesting interview with Recoil Magazine about her DAAC show click HERE
Me in the Early high school years!
*Find Kimya Dawson's music on YouTube, Myspace, Pandora and more!
Post Update: This was by far the best concert I have EVER been to in my entire life. I felt that way even before the music started. It was amazing to see Kimya in her blue hoodie and bright yellow skirt walking around holding daughter Panda's hand as they enjoyed the city before the show. She played the most incredibly songs and I sang along to all of them!! This day has changed my life forever. I was lucky enough to approach the merch table after and to say hello to Kimya and tell her that she is so inspiring and that she doesn't know it but that she taught me how to play the guitar; her songs did! She then signed my journal next to the "Holy Shit I'm Seeing Kimya Dawson Live at the DAAC" page- writing "Holy Shit I Met Kate At The DAAC <3Kimya"

Saturday, March 3, 2012

ModSquad Delight!

Hello all! I've just begun my spring break from classes and have spent most of my time crafting, sewing, photographing, thrifting, making displays around my home, and participating in wonderful conversations on the ModSquad group through ModCloth. I'm a Style Ambassador for 2012 and so far I have found it to be such a welcoming, warm environment. Included in this post is a photo of my most recent bathroom display, the room itself is oh so teeny and by filling it with some of my most favorite knick-knacks I have made myself want to go in there so much more than I ever used to! Included in this display are: Vintage Squirrel Nut container, Vintage Deer bookends, Vintage Golden Deer figurine (which I find to be superb for holding rings), my favorite moustache mug, The Moustache Grower's Guide from ModCloth's website, a wooden red fox figurine next to 2 vintage aqua blue cups, bunches of retro patterned Journals from Michaels Craft Store, and a vintage book of the "World's Most Loved Poems" <3 What do you think of this Display?

Monday, January 30, 2012

Owl Together Now!

Hoot Hoot Hello lovely visitors! Aren't felt stuffies just as cute as a button? Lately they have been my most favorite thing to craft. I felt like showcasing the first 3 that I made, but since this photograph I have made 6 in total. All of these large sized woodland owls are uniquely named in correspondence with their color! Some are for sale on my Etsy and even more will be available soon! Currently Violet, Melvin Mint, and Bluebell are all looking for good homes! They are great handmade companions to a person of any age, and great gifts for that special someone in your life whether it be for family/friends/ or even baby showers! These critters have felt bodies & noses, fabric patterned tummies & eyelids and adorable Button eyes! Whooooo doesn't love an Owl!?

P.s. keep your eyes peeled! coming soon: Rosie Rasberry the Woodland Owl and Penny Pattern the Funky Woodland Owl