Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Instamatic Vintage Life

©Copyright Ruby Wallau Photography
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Last night I had the pleasure of participating in a glowy woodland photoshoot at dusk. My love, Patterson and I modeled, but all of the credit really goes to one amazing photographer named Ruby Wallau. Her work never ceases to fully amaze and captivate the eye of all who view it. Not only is she talented but so darn cute too- always looking incredibly stylish! She thinks of stunning locations and sets up unique powerful compositions in an instant. She makes you feel comfortable and at ease always offering positive things to say. All I had to do was bring my Vintage 1960s bike along for the ride and Ruby did the rest! We're actually on location in a field area on the campus of one of my hometown's little Colleges! This campus has so many breath-taking spots to admire and is such a lovely place to stop and think in passing or even have a picnic. I didn't attend this college myself- but if you're looking for a good school with credentials that is small, woodsy and beautiful this might be what you've been seeking! Or if you're just looking for a photographer that will blow the rest out of the water- Ruby Wallau is your gal!

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  1. such beautiful photos! your love captured so well!